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ACE Shear Plate Kit for Mahlkönig EK43 and EKK43 (Kit of 3)

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Due to the more recent use of the EK/EKK grinders, the shear or torque plates are fracturing due to metal fatigue.

ACE has designed and developed a series of shear plates to suit the Mahlkönig EK43 and EKK43 grinders. We extensively tested different materials with the goal of increased longevity in mind. We narrowed it down to a 'crowd testing' kit of Aircraft grade Aluminium, Brass and Copper as they received similar life in testings.

These plates have been tested and prove to hold up to the more frequent stop and start cycles the grinders are seeing today. You can help in the testing... report back with either a review or email about which material worked best for you!

Kits will include one of each alloy:

• Aircraft Aluminium

• Brass


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